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A-level Physics: Practical skills for 2015-16

Suitable for: Especially useful to teachers new to teaching the AQA A-level Physics, and subject leaders or teachers with responsibility for developing schemes of work for the new specification. All teachers teaching the practical skills in the new A-Level physics specification.

Focus: Cover all the practical requirements of the AQA specifications: teacher assessment of practical work and the aspects of the practical work assessed in the examination papers. This course complements initial support on practical work provided by AQA in the launch of the new Physics A-level specifications and will include experience of several demonstrations that can be performed without traditional equipment.

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AS/A-level Physics: Preparing to teach

Suitable for: Heads of department and subject teachers who currently use any exam board and are interested in the new AQA specification.

Focus: To help you prepare to teach the new physics specification, we’re inviting you to one of our free teacher training events. Face to face events are full days and online are 2 hours. From lesson planning and teaching resources, to the issues and expected outcomes of the new assessment, we’ll talk you through everything you need to bring out the best in your students. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk and share ideas with other teachers and, if you have any questions for us, we’ll be happy to help.

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GCSE Science: How to teach outstanding physics lessons

Suitable for: Any teacher of Key Stage 4 Physics who wishes to revitalise their practice, or who 'requires improvement'. The course content is relevant for all Science teachers and is not specific to any GCSE specification.

Focus: Get a range of strategies and resources to use in the classroom to deliver high quality physics teaching and learning.

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London 19 Jun 2015 Book
Manchester 03 Jul 2015 Book

KS3-4 Science: Working scientifically

Suitable for: Secondary science subject leaders, and teachers developing the new curriculum in schools.

Focus: The national curriculum from September 2014 indicates that working scientifically "must always be taught through and clearly related to substantive science content". Working scientifically is integral to learning about science. This practical course will support you to get your students working scientifically.

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Manchester 03 Jul 2015 Book

KS3-5 Science: Outstanding science leadership

Suitable for: Experienced, newly appointed and aspiring Science leaders of any awarding body.

Focus: This course will provide the opportunity to reflect on the current position of your department and provide you with a wide range of tried and tested strategies to enhance provision, enabling you and your colleagues to strive to be outstanding in every way.

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Manchester 06 Jul 2015 Book

KS4 Science: Physics for the unenthused

Suitable for: Non-specialist secondary school physics teachers, PGCE/GTP Trainee and NQT teachers and Teachers of less-motivated students.

Focus: This practical physics course will arm you with a range of finance-friendly investigations designed to encourage and motivate your students. You will explore creative activities to maximise student progress and make physics fun.

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London 26 Jun 2015 Book
Manchester 10 Jul 2015 Book