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A-level Physics Stretch and Challenge A2

Suitable for: All teachers of the A-level Physics specification.

Focus: In these live online events, our trainer will identify the characteristics of high performance at A2 and share teaching strategies that really make a difference in the classroom. The course will focus on the following topics:

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Location Date
Online 10 Jun 2014 Book

A-level Physics: Integrating practical skills ISA/EMPA

Suitable for: Teachers new to the AQA Physics Specification and less experienced teachers wanting to further embed ISA/EMPA practical skills into their teaching

Focus: Cover the practical requirements of Units 3 and 6 of the specification, and the marking processes. Get hands-on experience of the practical techniques in the ISA/EMPA practical work.

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Location Date
London 23 Jun 2014 Book
Birmingham 26 Jun 2014 Book

AS/A-level Physics: Introduction to the new spec

Suitable for: Anyone looking for information about our new specifications, whether you currently teach with us or not.

Focus: You are invited to attend a free of charge event to learn more about AQA's new specification for A-level Physics.

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Location Date
Online 07 Jul 2014 Book
London 10 Jul 2014 Book
Online 16 Jul 2014 Book
Online 17 Jul 2014 Book
Manchester 23 Jul 2014 Book
Online 11 Sep 2014 Book
Manchester 17 Sep 2014 Book
London 01 Oct 2014 Book
Online 07 Oct 2014 Book

GCSE Physics Getting Started

Suitable for: Teachers new to the AQA specification or NQTs.

Focus: This course will provide an introduction to the specification, practical teaching strategies and the opportunity to share ideas with other teachers. These two hour live online events are designed to help those teaching AQA GCSE Physics.

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Location Date
Online 24 Jun 2014 Book

KS3-4 Science: Working scientifically

Suitable for: GCSE and Key Stages 3 and 4 science teachers.

Focus: New course: Integrate the scientific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics into your teaching in line with the new national curriculum content. Help students learn how to work scientifically.

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Location Date
London 11 Jun 2014 Book

KS4 Physics: Gum, pH and your universe

Suitable for: All secondary school science teachers. PGCE/GTP Trainee and NQT teachers. Teachers wishing to maximise fieldwork opportunities both inside and outside their classroom.

Focus: This innovative course looks at changing the way you use your surroundings to maximise learning. You will explore how to adapt traditional science methods to suit your school environment and consider how to bring expensive field trips into your classroom.

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Location Date
London 16 Jun 2014 Book
Manchester 10 Jul 2014 Book

KS4 Physics: Physics for the unenthused

Suitable for: Non-specialist secondary school physics teachers. PGCE/GTP Trainee and NQT teachers. Teachers of less-motivated students

Focus: This practical physics course will arm you with a range of finance-friendly investigations designed to encourage and motivate your students. You will explore creative activities to maximise student progress and make physics fun.

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Location Date
London 27 Jun 2014 Book
Manchester 11 Jul 2014 Book