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A-level History: The big picture - breadth, depth, coherence

Suitable for: All teachers of A-level History

Focus: This new course will help you to devise a strategy for teaching the 2015 A-level History course in its new linear format.

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Location Date
London 20 Oct 2014 Book
Manchester 10 Nov 2014 Book
Birmingham 17 Nov 2014 Book

GCSE Geography: Activities to improve map and photo skills

Suitable for: Teachers of GCSE Geography, newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and non-specialist teachers of Geography.

Focus: This new course focuses on improving student understanding and outcomes through the use of maps and photos in physical and human geography. The course will consider a variety of practical approaches to teaching aspects of popular GCSE topics including tectonics, coasts, rivers, cities and tourism. Course materials will enable you to make immediate use of these practical approaches in the classroom.

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Location Date
Manchester 02 Dec 2014 Book
London 16 Dec 2014 Book
Manchester 30 Jun 2015 Book
London 07 Jul 2015 Book

GCSE/KS3/4 Geography: A flying start for NQTs

Suitable for: Newly qualified and recently qualified teachers who would like to improve their delivery of KS3 and KS4 Geography, regardless of which exam board they use.

Focus: This new face to face course will help newly qualified and recently qualified Geography teachers to develop confidence in the classroom. There will be an opportunity to identify in which areas of Geography teaching you require support before considering best practice in delivery and assessment methods and how these impact on behaviour.

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Location Date
London 04 Jul 2014 Book
Manchester 11 Jul 2014 Book

KS4 Media Studies: New to Media - 16 Lessons in a Box

Suitable for: New teachers to Media Studies (of any awarding body) NQTs/GTPs. Returning teachers looking for a refresher course.

Focus: This course is designed to help you understand the key concepts of Media Studies, and deliver it in an inspirational and effective way to maximise success.

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Location Date
London 07 Jul 2014 Book
Leeds 08 Jul 2014 Book

Staying ahead in your first year

Suitable for: Newly or recently qualified teachers or those aspiring to the role.

Focus: Arm yourself with effective strategies for success in your first year of teaching. The course will provide you with practical tips and approaches that can be applied instantly to help you engage, motivate and inspire your students. It will teach you a variety of skills and techniques to build confidence, reduce stress and make an impact right from the start.

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Location Date
London 26 Jun 2014 Book
London 18 Sep 2014 Book