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A-level Computer Science: Functional Programming

Suitable for: All teachers who are new to teaching AQA A-level Computer Science and those teachers who are familiar with the old specification.

Focus: This new course will provide guidance and practical experience for teachers who are new to functional programming and how this area of the specification can be taught to students.

As functional programming is a new topic there is no assumption of previous knowledge but an understanding of the core concepts of HLL programming would be useful.

Please bring a laptop with Haskell installed. Haskell is available from https://www.haskell.org/

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Location Date
London 22 Nov 2016 Add to waiting list
Birmingham 30 Nov 2016 Book
Manchester 06 Dec 2016 Book
London 22 Mar 2017 Book

A-level Computer Science: Getting Started

Suitable for: Those teaching the new AQA AS or A-level Computer Science for the first time, whether experienced or newly qualified practitioners.

Focus: This course is for teachers who will be delivering the new AS or A-level Computer Science specification as well as a range of practical strategies to help get your teaching off to a flying start.

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Location Date
Online 10 Nov 2016 Book

AS & A-level Comp Sci: Effective preparation for Paper 1

Suitable for: All teachers AQA AS and A-level Computer Science

Focus: This course has been designed to offer practical advice and guidance to successfully prepare for the on-screen exam and maximise your students' performance.

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Location Date
Online 16 Nov 2016 Book
Online 29 Nov 2016 Book

AS/A-level Computer Science: Object oriented programming

Suitable for: All teachers of AS and A-level Computer Science, regardless of exam board. Teachers who are new to teaching AS/A-level Computer Science. Teachers who are familiar with the A-level and OO programming but need some practical experience of implementing some of the key concepts in the new specifications.

Focus: This practical course will cover the fundamental concepts of object oriented programming and provide you with hands on experience of implementing some key object oriented concepts in VB.net.

The course will provide guidance to those who are just starting out with OO and provide an opportunity for those with more experience to deliver the new content with confidence. It will be useful to all teachers, regardless of exam board.

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Location Date
London 23 Nov 2016 Book
Manchester 29 Nov 2016 Book
Birmingham 08 Dec 2016 Book
London 23 Mar 2017 Book

GCSE Computer Science Teacher Standardisation 4512/1

Suitable for: Schools/colleges entering students for GCSE Computer Science 4512/1 in the June 2017 exam series.
Each centre may send one delegate.

Focus: Each meeting:

  • Considers assessment criteria
  • Affirms assessment standards
  • Discusses coursework administration
  • Involves marking student work samples

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Location Date
Birmingham 07 Feb 2017 Book
London 09 Feb 2017 Book
Manchester 14 Feb 2017 Book

GCSE Computer Science: Feedback on the written exam

Suitable for: All teachers of AQA GCSE Computer Science.

Focus: This course will give you an opportunity to reflect on the summer 2016 exams for this qualification and review the grades for the course.The trainer will use a range of exemplar student answers to provide feedback on student performance to help you develop ways to deliver this qualification with confidence.

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Location Date
Online 08 Dec 2016 Book
Online 11 Jan 2017 Book

GCSE Computer Science: Intermediate Python

Suitable for:

  • All teachers of GCSE Computer Science.
  • The course will be useful to teachers of all exam boards.
  • Focus: This intermediate Python course covers more complex techniques and skills to help extend your knowledge in Python programming. It will also prove useful for preparing students for their non-examined assessments. This practical course is not AQA specific; it will be useful to teachers of all exam boards. The topics and techniques covered will relate to examples similar to current and past assessments and will give you the opportunity to work with relevant examples of working code. You will be able to produce snippets of code that can be used in the classroom to teach concepts, equipping students with the skills they will need for future success.

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    Location Date
    Manchester 16 Nov 2016 Book
    Birmingham 07 Dec 2016 Book
    London 22 Mar 2017 Book

    KS4 Computer Science: Make the move to Computing

    Suitable for: Any teacher expected to deliver Key Stage 4 Computer Science, especially non-specialists who need support in moving from ICT to Computer Science.

    The programme will support all Computer Science teachers regardless of exam board.

    Focus: This online programme of support is an introduction to the theory of Computer Science and practical programming using Python. The online programme consists of ten, two hour Thursday after school sessions.

    Recordings of all sessions will be available 24 hours after each session date. This provides added flexibility should you be unable to take part in every live session.

    Each session is aimed at helping ICT teachers explore relevant topics as they move towards teaching the new GCSE (9-1) Computer Science course. Course content will be relevant to new specifications from all exam boards.

    Sessions will be split into interactive workshops, using practical examples of relevant theories (such as Von Neumann architecture and layered network models) and hands-on programming sessions. By the end of the course you will have created, in Python, a fun to use game that can be used in teaching programming to your students.

    No prior knowledge of Computer Science or computer programming is required.

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    Location Date
    Online 06 Oct 2016 - 15 Dec 2016 Book

    KS4/5 Computer Science: Intro to programming in Visual Basic

    Suitable for:

  • All teachers of Computer Science and Computing at Key Stages 4 and 5.
  • Teachers at all stages of their careers who are new to Visual Basic and wish to develop knowledge and skills in computer programming.

    Focus: This course will introduce you to writing console applications using a free download of Microsoft Visual Basic. You will learn to navigate the Visual Basic IDE and manage projects. There will be input on designing graphical user interfaces for Visual Basic programs and exploration of programming skills applicable to non-examined assessments. The course will be useful to all teachers, regardless of exam board.

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  • Location Date
    London 06 Dec 2016 Book
    London 21 Mar 2017 Book